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A fun online course with immediate results!

Are you looking for a course that teaches you how to read 50-100% faster? But without travel expenses, time off work or having to keep to a fixed learning schedule? Then book the convenient Speed Reading Online course – and take it on your own computer. Get started on the first of the ten course units (each 45-60 minutes in length) whenever and wherever you like. You also have the choice between a Speed Reading Online course with or without the mentoring of an experienced trainer. Last, but not least, our online course is less expensive than the classroom-based course.

Speed Reading Online – your benefits at a glance

Online trainer-mentored course

Learn with a mentor! We assign you to an experienced trainer who supports you and answers your questions.

Multiple language versions

The course is currently provided in German and English. Further language versions will be available soon.

Anytime. Anywhere.

You decide when and where you do the course. It’s perfect for a flexible learning schedule.

Less expensive than classroom-based courses

Not an app or a gimmick! This is a professional course based on the Improved Reading concept at a great price!

No software installation

Simple browser-based access. You can take the course and do the exercises on the office PC, or on your private notebook or tablet.

Our satisfied Speed ​​Reading customers

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Speed Reading Online

Regular price

EUR 295.00

For students

EUR 225.00

The trainer monitors progress, answers your questions, motivates you and provides valuable advice and support. You get regular feedback via the internal messaging system on your progress and how you can maximise your results.

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Regular price

EUR 195.00

For students

EUR 155.00

If you follow the instructions carefully you can take our Speed Reading Online course without a trainer. All you need is a little more discipline. This is the most cost-friendly option!

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You have everything you need to take the Speed Reading Online course.

If you surf the internet on your PC or netbook, you already have all the equipment you need - internet connectivity and a current web browser. Unlike conventional learning software or apps, there’s nothing to install before you take the course.

Note: To do the reading exercises your display should ideally be at least 10” in size. Smartphone displays are not generally suitable for our online course.

State-approved online learning tool


The German Distance Learning Protection Act (FernUSG) protects consumers who enrol for distance learning courses.

To give our participants additional reassurance we had our course audited for compliance with the German Distance Learning Protection Act, and it is now FernUSG-certified.

Both the educational concept and the booking process, including contractual documents, were audited.

Speed Reading Online Stiftung Warentest Gut

Learn speed reading with Improved Reading because…

…German consumer testing organisation, Stiftung Warentest, has rated our concept as “good”. It also praised the fact that our course is designed to improve both speed and comprehension.

…our speed reading concept is not just diagonal reading. It’s about reading entire texts with a focus on comprehension. We differ from most other online speed reading courses in that respect.

…we are the only provider to offer mentoring from an experienced trainer at your request. On workdays the trainer is available to answer questions, provide useful tips and give feedback on performance.  All of our trainers have many years of experience as Improved Reading classroom-based coaches. (A less expensive version of the course without trainer mentoring is also available.)

…our Speed Reading Online course has no set learning times, e.g. you don’t have to attend webinars and you can get started straight away!

…you don’t have to attend any lengthy lectures. You can start intensive training with Speed Reading Online straight away. Fast and measurable improvement is guaranteed.

…our Speed Reading Online course has very simple technology requirements. All you need is a PC, notebook or tablet and internet connectivity. It’s a bonus if you have a media player to watch videos, but not absolutely essential. Whether you use Window or Mac, there’s no need to install any software!

…our Speed Reading Online course is officially approved by the State Agency for Distance Learning (ZFU).

…you can do a Speed Reading Online course in German or English. If you decide to do the foreign language course you get additional language practice. It’s a well-known fact that reading is the best way to increase your vocabulary.

Book a Speed Reading Online course now!

Would you rather attend a classroom-based course? We have regular public courses in Berlin and other German cities. You can also book a private in-house course for your company/authority.